Programming the Raspberry Pi with C# / Mono

Looking for the source code? Get the PaulTechGuy.RPi.DotNetKickstart code from Bitbucket!

Also, here is a set of quick start videos that explain the GPIO Web Service project that is included in the PaulTechGuy.RPi.DotNetKickstart.

The GPIO Web Service was developed using the C# DotNetKickstart respository library. The web service allows client applications to POST an array of actions, formatted as JSON, to a service endpoint. Although several basic actions are included (control LEDs, RGBs, Buzzers) the strength of the web service is the plugin architecture. This architecture allows developers to easily write their own custom actions to leverage the Pi GPIO header. The web service host code does not have to be modified in order to begin using a new plugin (i.e. DLL action).